Disposable Pressure Transducer

Brand Name: ACCU +
Product Code: GP/HM/DPT/9XXXX
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Product Details

• The Disposable Pressure Transducer (DPT) is indicated for pressure sensing during clinical invasive procedures without interfering with the patient’s blood flow and /or blood pressure.
• The sensor is in fluid communication with different body fluids.
• By mechanical connection the pressure is transferred to the sensing unit, which translates it to an electrical signal.
• The stopcock is used for zeroing the pressure monitor before the operation.
• The flush device allows a continuous flow that is required for flushing blood from the monitoring line when connected to the patient assembly.
• The complete DPT Kit consists of the following: Disposable Pressure Transducer with inbuilt Flush, Pressure Monitoring Lines, Stopcock, Infusion Set, Dead Ender Cap.
• Single Disposable Pressure Transducer Kit
• Double Disposable Pressure Transducer Kit
• Triple Disposable Pressure Transducer Kit
Use of MEMS Sensor Chips Accurate transmission of pressure waves.
Transparent Housing For easy detection of air bubbles and quick priming.
Straight Fluid Path Across Sensor Provides easy priming with minimal waveform distortion.
Automatic Continuous Flush/Flow @ 3cc/hr or 30cc/hr Facilitates dynamic response testing of the monitoring system allowing rapid flushing of the Pressure Line after collection of the blood sample.
Preassembled Customized Kits User friendly and provides an easy connection to the patient.
Multiple Cable End Options Compatible with most of the commonly used patient monitors.
Body Housing & End Adaptors Polycarbonate.
Release Valve System Silicone.
Capillary Flow System Glass.
Luer Caps Polyethylene Polyethylene.
50 620 x 520 x 250 (mm)