CVP Manometer

Brand Name: Kit CVP
Product Code: GP/HM/CVP/916XX
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Product Details

• A Central Venous Manometer may be used to either continuously or intermittently measure central venous pressure.
• Graduated column where measurements are in cm of water. Graduations are marked from 4 cm to 34 cm and attached to 3 way stopcock.
• A 120 cm long extension tube is fitted with female luer lock on one end and male luer lock on the other end for safe connection to Central Venous Catheter.
• Moulded clamps are provided with latex rubber strings for proper fixation to the IV Stand.
• A sliding indicator is provided to record the reading of the fluid levels during measurement.
• CVP manometer mostly used in ICUs, ICCUs, CCUs, and surgery wards to monitor and control the hemodynamic state of patients by measurement of the Central Venous Pressure.
• Central Venous Pressure Manometer With Rigid Tube Scale & 3 Way Stopcock.
• Central Venous Pressure Manometer With Flat Scale.
Crystal Clear Rigid Tube (or) Rigid Scale With Manometer Tube Calibrated from (-)5 to (+)30 cm water pressure for accurate pressure reading.
Reusable Tie Bands / Velcro Straps For easy fixing to the IV stand.
Transparent & Fully Threaded End Adaptors With Stopcock Ensures a safe and secure connection with trouble free venting.
Moulded Clamps With Latex Rubber Strings For proper fixation to the IV stand.
Sliding Leveler To record fluid level readings during  Central Venous Pressure measurement.
Vented Luer Caps Permits aseptic handling and priming
Tube Scale HIPS.
Manometer Tube Polyvinylchloride.
Rigid Scale PVC Foam.
3 Way Stopcock Polycarbonate, Polyethylene.
End Adaptors Polycarbonate.
Luer Caps Polyethylene.
Sliding Leveller Polypropelene.
ID of Rigid Tube 4.10 mm
ID of Manometer Tube 2.80 mm
Calibration Range ( – ) 5 to ( + ) 30 cm of water pressure at 1 atmosphere
Priming Volume 10 ml
Pressure Stability 5 Bar Hydrostatic
100 620 x 520 x 250 (mm)