Today George Philips has grown into one of the most dynamically versatile manufacturer of Medical Disposable and Surgical Devices into India and international. Our products are also currently exported to the countries like Greece, Hungary, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sultanate of Oman Turkey, UAE, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Uruguay, South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya etc. Since 1995, George Philips has been a leader in disposable medical equipment and supply distribution all over the health care industry including India and International Market. Cost effective and high quality 'Product Range' meets the needs of healthcare, long-term care. Medical Disposables are manufactured from the highest quality materials and workmanship. Our products fill the need for customers looking for multi-use, high quality disposable products at a very competitive price.

We have also analyzed industry by geographies like United States European Union (total EU market, Romania and Czech Republic) Europe, Middle East, East Asia, South East Asia, South America, Africa etc and India. In International Medical disposable device segment, the production is bound to increase in the coming future which results good sales. Also India is the fourth largest market in the Asia Pacific region in regards to healthcare/pharmaceuticals, behind Japan, China and South Korea.

There is a constant need for them because medical products need to be sterile and the need to be disposable. Demand for plastics for medical disposable applications is expected to approach 5 billion lb in 2012, due to a greater use of disposable medical products and sterile packaging materials, as well as the use of materials capable of withstanding intensive sterilization. GPME's global business network ensures the company's presence in major markets across the world. George Philips is fact strongly committed to guaranteeing our customers the best service possible, providing them with efficient and effective support and assistance at all the times.