Our Clean room has a state of the art HEPA filtered positive pressure ventilation, which permits a controlled environment for clean sterile manufacturing.Certification for non viable parties and particulate matter count is conducted at regular scheduled intervals, validated by independent government approved testing laboratories. Our inhouse facilities include Ethylene Oxide Sterilization. The sterilization process for the aseptically packaged goods follow different stages according to specified procedures and are documented with full details. Through additions of biological indicators and pre determined product sampling, the efficiency of every sterilization batch is confirmed during quarantine and before dispatch. Our manufacturing facilities operate under strict GMP protocols and guidelines to ensure achievement of set product standards and quality.

Our fully vertically integrated manufacturing facilities and implemented processes are as follows:

  • Design Engineering
  • Tooling
  • Injection Moulding
  • Process Design and Implementation
  • Process Validation
  • Assembly
  • Packaging and Printing
  • Sterilization
  • Quarantine
  • Final Pre Despatch QC Check and QA Approval
  • Dispatch
  • All of the above process are carefully monitored and controlled through our highly trained quality assurance personal.


    B-43, Midc, Anand Nagar, Additional Ambernath,
    Thane District, Maharashtra State, India